Student Hotel Campus X – Turin

Born in 2011 with the name CampusX, with a single great vision: to revolutionize the offer of student campuses in Italy, drawing inspiration from the most advanced Nordic and Anglo-Saxon campus models, redesigned in an eco-sustainable, smart key and for today’s interconnected world. It is an open, constantly evolving community, attentive to environmental issues, respectful of everyone’s identity, in which everyone brings their own history, their way of thinking, their cultural richness and their passions without labels or discrimination of any kind.

We are in San Salvario, the coolest, youngest and most cosmopolitan district of Turin. There are 52 rooms and it is much more than just a hotel, it is a true Explorer Place with overwhelming energy and industrial design, located a stone’s throw from Porta Nuova station and the streets of the historic centre. A concept of hybrid hospitality, where you can recognize yourself and feel at home, a place where different generations and experiences mix to create an explosive mix.


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52000 cubic meters